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Ebook – „Be Young & Successful” by Leonard Burcă

We all have some dream, or goal or ideal life we want to live out. But why does it always seem to be so far away, or so difficult to achieve?

I asked myself the same questions, and after reading over 100 books and reaching my own crazy goals, I found the tools, the methods, the inspiration that makes achieving our goals easier and more certain than ever.

This book contains 55 principles that can take you from 0 to 100, on how to actually achieve big goals and belive in yourself, believe you are unstoppable.

The world needs you to achieve your important goals, to be happy, and to make a lasting contribution.

What are you waiting for?

Available formats: PDF, AZW (Kindle), Epub



Here’s how it works… (quick recap)

Successful, performant people that are now respected actors, authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, athletes… They all have one thing in common: they used to be young, lost, wishful, AMBITIOUS just like us and had to learn the principles and develop the work ethic that would help them achieve their dreams, and become what they are today.

“Be Young & Successful”, by Leonard Burcă

has been written to speed up this process by compiling all the essential principles you need to master into one ultimate personal development book.

Because I know that one of those personalities could one day be YOU!

The Ultimate Guide – 55 tested principles that will increase your performance, leadership and will help you to fulfill your dreams

The book was written as a “pyramid of mastery” where you start at the bottom with the essential skills and principles and then slowly climb higher to more complex ones. after completing the given challenges within the chapters and integrating the principles/skills.

Leonard Burcă, the author, has personally tested everything in the book on his own skin before writing it to make sure it works, after reading hundreds of books, attending courses and by learning from his mentors.

As a young person himself, looking to advance his goals, he knows exactly the type of challenges the youth of today faces and has found solution to overcome modern day challenges and continues to do so today.

This book presents you a methodology to live your life that will help and guide you to achieve your dreams/projects.

I want you to close your eyes and imagine that you have achieved your desired level of success!

Using the information and techniques in the Ultimate Guide, you can get there faster than you imagine!

Let the adventure begin!

About Leonard Burcă

Leonard (Leo) is the entrepreneur behind ULCO. E-commerce LLC, Bello Bambino and the author behind where he writes article related to productivity, happiness, entrepreneurship, leadership and personal development in general. He also shares his knowledge about other things that interest him, such as CrossFit, cycling, travelling, writing, cryptocurrencies and investing in general.

Leonard has appeared in many newspaper articles in both Romania and Denmark, as well as on radio and TV in Romania where he tries to encourage today’s youth to focus on their dreams/projects and give them the tools and strategies to advance them consistently.

After accomplishing his high-school dream of getting a Bachelor in Value Chain Management in Denmark (coming from a poor family), he proceeded to his next big dream of starting a profitable company and building his team (ULCO. E-commerce LLC and Bello Bambino Shop).

Writing “”Be Young & Successful” (first in Romanian in 2014) was also his dream to help fellow youth tap into their potential, take massive action and, together, help make the world a better place.

His next dream is a charitable project where he travels around the world on bike and using 100% of the received donations to help people in need locally throughout the 50.000 KM he plans on cycling.

In fact, Leo organizes his life in dreams (projects with high emotional attachment) whereby he obsessively tries to accomplish them, while making a positive impact in the world around him.

Read a more detailed auto-biography here Or contact him directly here .

If you find this encouraging and inspiring, please share it with your friends so that our new generation can make a difference by uniting our efforts.


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